Year 5 Science

Students are looking at the forces involved in machines and the way we can use force to obtain a goal. The goal yesterday, was to ring a bell. That sounds simple, but their 'machines' had to have three stages that would use 'cause and effect', and the transference of energy, to achieve the goal. These types of machines are called Rube Goldberg machines; a complicated machine designed to do a simple job. From their initial concept drawings through to design and building, students drew on their knowledge of Art, Math, Science, and Literacy to achieve their goal. In the coming weeks, skills will be honed and we'll build machines of greater and greater complexity.

In Science, we are now learning about 'Forces'. Push and Pull forces are everywhere, Even rubber bands, which students found extremely difficult to stretch when we tried to pull more and more together, can store enough potential energy to explode a watermelon. It took over 400 rubber bands, but we finally saw the amount of energy stored and transferred when the rubber bands squeezed the watermelon enough to cut right through it and push half of it into the air! This week, we start building our own machine.

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