EBA  is a wonderful place to be because:

Children are happy​

Children are proud of their School​

Everyone has a voice, and it is heard​

We treat others as we want to be treated​

Every child is important and treated as unique regardless of differences​

We get the opportunity to inspire young minds and give them a love of learning for life

Aims of the School


  • To provide a happy, stimulating learning environment.


  • To encourage the development of self confidence so that all children, whatever

       their starting point, can reach their full potential.


  • To develop curious and lively minds and encourage children to think for



  • To foster the acquisition of knowledge concepts and skills, which the children will

       be able to apply in a variety of situations.


  • To develop an atmosphere in which the children will learn the co-operation and

       consideration necessary to work as part of a community.


  • To help children understand the importance of perseverance, concentration and



  • To create an environment in which teaching and non-teaching staff, governors, 

       parents and members of the local community can work together for the good of

       the children and the school as a whole.

Value and Ethos

Our aim is to give all the children at Eaton Bray Academy the best possible start in their education. We aim to instil a love of learning, whatever form that may take, that is life-long. We insist on fair play, good manners, thoughtfulness, caring and good behaviour. We look at the whole child and their need to develop socially, emotionally, and spiritually and the physical and behavioural aspects of their growth.


We will continue to work in a way that places the children at the heart of all the decisions that we make and the actions that we take, with the intention of making the children’s time in our School inspiring, exciting, and memorable.


At EBA we recognise that children need very different incentives and rewards to make the most of their time with us. We aim to offer a wide, varied, inclusive, and creative curriculum. As we see our role as preparing our children for the next stage of their education, and indeed their lives, we also believe in encouraging the competitive spirit.

Our children will learn that their voices are heard, and that everyone in our School is treated fairly, equally and with respect.

​We aim for our children to love their School.

​They learn that we strive to make EBA a wonderful place for us all to be.

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