Foxes Class (Year 5)

Behind The News

Tuesday 2nd June 2020 - Creatives and COVID-19



1. Before watching the BTN story, brainstorm a list of the jobs that are a part of the creative industries.


2. Briefly summarise the BTN story.


3. The creative industries have mostly shut down because of COVID-19. True or false?


4. What happened to Mark’s contract with Norwegian Cruise Lines?


5. What musical was Freya about to perform in before the COVID-19 pandemic?


6. Why are producers saying it could be a long time before productions are up and running again?


7. Describe what some artists are doing online to keep people entertained.


8. When will cinemas in Australia reopen?

               (a) Next week

               (b) Next month

               (c) Next year


9. What is one of the first TV programs in the world to start filming again?


10. What’s your favourite artist, band or group?

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