Foxes Class (Year 5)

Behind The News

Thursday 9th July 2020 - NASA Fossils


1. Briefly summarise the BTN NASA Fossils story.


2. Why is there a team of NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) scientists exploring the desert in WA?


3. Where is the Pilbara? Find using Google Maps.


4. What does NASA and the ESA want to send to Mars next year?

               (a) Humans

               (b) Robotic rovers

               (c) Animals


5. What will they do on their mission to Mars?


6. Complete the following sentence. Some rocks found in the Pilbara hold the ____________ remains of Earth's first living things.


7. What is the age of some of the rocks that they’re studying?


8. What do stromatolites look like?


9. What are stromatolites evidence of?


10. Illustrate an aspect of the NASA Fossils story.

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