EBA Enterprise

Eaton Bray Academy Enterprise is a fantastic, fun, and hugely successful introduction to the world of business, for our older children. (Year 5 and 6).  ​Each week, both classes devote an afternoon to working on their Enterprise projects, which they thoroughly look forward to. 

Year Five Enterprise

For Year Five, the focus of Enterprise is Cooking and Nutrition, which is part of the Design and Technology curriculum, though the work is largely cross-curricular, encompassing many other learning areas. 

The children are given “MasterChef” challenges, which take place over a number of weeks.  This might be to create a pasta dish for example or a filled pancake.  They are taught the basic cooking skills required for the challenge, and learn about the ingredients and nutrition.  Sometimes this involves a visitor coming into school, such as Mr Hines, the local butcher, who has come in on several occasions to demonstrate how to prepare cuts of meat.

The children then have to design and create their own dishes, working in teams.  They are encouraged to think about the provenance of their ingredients and the environmental issues surrounding the food that we eat.  They must also think about presentation of the food – this sometimes involves creating an eye catching wrapper or a menu card.

The finished dishes are then tasted and evaluated by judges (usually school staff members), who give scores out of ten for appearance and taste, and the winner is announced, to much acclaim!

Please take a look at the reviews for our EBA Enterprise Mexican restaurant

Year Six Enterprise

In Year Six, the task is even more exciting and the children’s cooking skills are pushed further when they set up their own restaurant, inviting friends and family to come and eat food prepared, cooked and served by their own fair hands!

The children are taught how to make attractive table displays, the importance of cost and pricing, what should be on a menu and why, and finally… how to cook a complete meal and serve it with style!

The children choose their own theme for the restaurant, and give it a name and logo.  In 2016 we had Brasserie Bray, a French restaurant, Bray’s Graze a “Best of British” eatery in 2017, then in 2018, Amigos de Bray, which served Mexican fare.  

Diners are invited to pay for their meal whatever they feel it was worth, and all the proceeds then go towards the next EBA Enterprise project, which involves working with Young Enterprise, a charity that works with children in schools to develop and encourage their personal and business skills.

With the help of Young Enterprise, the children set up their own mini businesses.  Working in teams they create a product or service, and prepare a business plan, taking into account production or purchasing costs, marketing and projected profits.  We then hold a “Dragons Den” event in school, where the children’s business ideas are pitched to potential investors, and feedback is given.

Having secured the funding and acted on the feedback, the children then put their business plans into action, with the goal being to run a stall at the Enterprise Fair at the end of the school year… and make a profit!

Recent successful EBA Enterprise business initiatives have included: scented candles, home-made cakes and lemonade, games and competitions, hand-made keyrings and jewellery.

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