Would you like to earn yourself a Digital Badge? Find out how right here.


What is a Digital Badge?

A Digital Badge is a bit like a brownie, scout, swimming or gymnastics badge but instead of having a physical badge, you are awarded a Digital Badge online. A Digital Badge shows your hard work in Computing and is a special award. They look like this:


How can I earn a Digital Badge?

You can earn yourself a digital badge by having a go at the tasks shown here on the Digital Badges page. Most of the tasks involve you showing off your knowledge about different areas of Computing. Some of the tasks suggest ideas but for others you might need to be creative and think about how you can show you knowledge of that area. If you are stuck or not sure what to do for any of the tasks Miss Turner will be happy to help. Once you have completed the tasks you need to give them to Miss Turner (either in person or by email), if she thinks you have worked hard you will be awarded your Digital Badge.


What happens when I have earned my badge?

Once you have worked super hard and earned your digital badge your name will go up in lights on the EBA website to show you have earned that half term’s Digital Badge! You will also be congratulated by our Digital Leaders in awards assembly.


So what should I do now?

Each half term there will be a different Digital Badge to earn. There will be different tasks for KS1 and KS2. You can present your tasks however you wish and you may take as long as you like to complete them (just make sure Miss Turner has them by the end of half term.) Most importantly, have fun completing your tasks! 

Click here for tasks

Digital Badges at EBA

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