At our school the children are taught the five main strands of the computing curriculum: e-safety, programming, multimedia, data handling and technology in our lives.


All children in the school have access to a wide range of ICT equipment.  The school has a Computing suite which provides twelve fully networked computers with a wide range of software and access to the internet and email.  We also have laptops in a portable trolley. In addition to the iPads and Hudls already in school, we have recently purchased a brand new set of thirty iPads complete with a multiple charging trolley. This will enable each child in a class to use an iPad themselves rather than having to share. The children have access to a range of apps which support their learning in Computing and across the rest of the curriculum, particularly in English and Maths. All classrooms have an interactive whiteboard called a Smartboard. These Smartboards form an integral part of the teaching and learning within the classroom. The children use a variety of additional ICT equipment including – digital cameras, Raspberry Pi, Lego WeDo, visualisers, video cameras, programmable toys and data loggers.


Children throughout the school have the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular activities for example Computing choices and Digital Leaders. Computing is a core curriculum subject, but is also used as a tool to enhance learning in all other areas of the curriculum. 


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